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Heart of Compassion

Heart of compassion Hello Compassion Blog readers. My name is Aaron, and I’m a member of the marketing and media communications team at Compassion Canada.

I’ll be honest, I feel a little strange writing on a blog — I normally spend a lot of time teasing the “pajama-hadin” (Google it and thank me later).

I never thought I’d become a part of it. Please pray for me. Winter’s barely started, and I’m already feeling a little cagey.

Anyway, the reason I’m here is to let you know about a new feature we’ve introduced in the latest issue of Compassion Today, Heart of Compassion.

Heart of Compassion gives you an opportunity to share your stories! How did you become a sponsor? What’s something really unique about the relationship between you and your sponsored child? How has sponsorship affected your life, for God’s glory and your joy?

We want to know your story! Post your story in the comments section here or e-mail them to think@compassion.ca [3]. We’ll publish our favorites in an upcoming issue of Compassion Today.

Happy Monday.