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Hearts Apart Linked by Love

across the miles A message of love from the Fancied Freedom [3] blog.

Ever since I knew about Compassion International and their child sponsorship [4] work helping children in impoverished areas of the world, I knew I wanted a child of our own to sponsor. My idea was to find a boy that my son could correspond with, a boy that had something in common with my son.

I waited for the right time – the time when my son was writing so he could start writing his own notes to this boy. Just two months ago was the right time – the exact time.

For it was then that I found only one young boy waiting months to be sponsored who shared the same exact birthday and year with my son…

And I wonder if this [sponsorship] is how it begins – a love for others who are far different yet the same in many ways. A love for others without having even met them. A love for someone who has far less but who gives far more.

It hardly seems a sacrifice to give a small amount monthly to support and encourage our new friend in Nicaragua who writes to share the simple things he enjoys – eating spaghetti, playing baseball and reading about David and Goliath.

For he is 6 and poverty isn’t what he is focused on now that he knows a family in Texas cares and prays for him. And so I pray that this is the beginning of a friendship between children who are separated by countries but linked by the love of a Savior who draws them near.

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