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Kaitlin’s Wish: How to Make a Wish Come True

make a wish come true When Kaitlin Boyda turned 16 she received some startling news — terminal brain cancer. Because she was a child fighting a terminal disease, the¬†Children’s Wish organization¬†wanted to grant her a wish.

She considered taking a snowboarding trip with her family to New Zealand. But then she thought,

“We are only on earth for so long. We need to make an effort for other people when we are here.”

So Kaitlin made another wish. One that will impact many lives for generations to come.

You can also view Kaitlin’s Wish [3] on YouTube.

*Note: Original blog title was renamed Kaitlin’s Wish: How to Make a Wish Come True in honor of the legacy of Kaitlin Boyda [4] and her wish to help the children of Uganda.