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Sponsor tour The India communications manager wrote this short article about the recent sponsor tour to India for the country office’s internal newsletter. So we thought we’d share her perspective with you.

In the midst of turbulent economic times, political uncertainty and a global food crisis, 29 of our sponsors proceeded with their decision to come to India to experience this great ministry among children.

It is one thing to hear marvelous stories about sponsors and how far they would go to support a child, but it is definitely a red letter day to meet them in person. For most of the sponsors, the sponsor tour we recently hosted was their first time in India, and they surely were thrilled by the sights and sounds around them.

Churches and projects in Bangalore, Yelagiri and Chennai welcomed the visitors into their community, and the sponsors had the opportunity to witness the harsh realities of life for our children, and the hope that Compassion offers through the child development centers in our various programs.

The home visits enabled the sponsors to have a feel for the poverty surrounding the communities, as well as the traditions and superstitions that some of the communities are bound by.

The traditional welcome with garlands, sandalwood and rosewater, personal testimonies of children and parents, and the cultural events by children at the centers left each sponsor humbled.

Amidst everything, the one thing the sponsors would not give up were those personal moments of interaction with the children. The sponsors connected with the children through songs, skits and crafts. They learned, listened, laughed with the children, and cried every time they had to leave a center.

The “fun day” planned for each sponsor to interact with his or her own sponsored child was assuredly the defining moment.

Surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on one side and luscious green pastures on the other, VGP Golden Beach was ideal for fun in the sun. Every sponsor wished this day would never end.

Bidding farewell to their precious little children by giving gifts they brought all the way from the United States continues to amaze me. Hugs, handshakes, loads of tears, and treasured memories made the day worthwhile for these faithful sponsors.

Another sponsor tour has ended, and I am grateful to God for the way he led us in putting it all together. As I look back, it gives me even greater satisfaction that those 29 sponsors who explored and experienced the work of Compassion in person left India with more than just a bagful of memories! Compassion is indeed blessed with such wonderful and committed sponsors.

Please continue to pray for these sponsors that God would bless their efforts as they serve as advocates for India. Please pray also for the many unsponsored children in our ministry.

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  1. Susan Huff January 21, 2012

    I just stumbled across the words from the communications manager. Thank you for posting. I was one of those 29 sponsors. This trip changed me and I’m forever grateful.

    1. Reva Gray January 29, 2015

      Susan, I know you posted this a couple of years ago, but I would love to hear anything that you want to share. I have been the new sponsor for a little girl in India since May 2014. It’s hard imagining how she lives. Thanks for any tips for letters etc. if you see this. blessings!

  2. Dana June 20, 2009

    A friend of mine lived in India for several yeas while growing up. His parents alternated between Hong Kong and India and he has lived in both places. When we saw Slum Dog Millionaire, he said the slum scenes brought back a lot of memories. I can only imagine how much harsher the reality is. When I mentioned that I had a little boy from India amongst my sponsor packs, he said he’d been thinking about sponsoring a child. He later asked if he could take a closer look at the child pack. I hope he will decide to sponsor this little boy.

    From what he’s said, India is truly a land of contrasts = from the extremely rich to the extremely poor, from extremely beautiful landscapes to the horrors of the slums. sadly, he said that because of the dominant religion, those born in poverty believe that it’s all they can ever be. I’m so glad that Compassion is there to remind the children that though they may be born in poverty, they are children of a loving God, joint-heirs with Christ and precious in his sight.

    Thank you for sharing this blog with us. I don’t sponsor from India but if my friend decides to, can’t wait to here about his experiences and what God is doing in the life of his sponsor child.

  3. Compassion dave June 19, 2009

    *Misses India…

  4. Amy Wallace June 19, 2009

    I sponsor a boy in India, so I would love to go on a sponsor tour there someday. Sounds like they had a wonderful time!

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