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Two Weeks Down, Four to Go

To all of you who responded [3] with your encouragement, comments, and ideas, thank you. I cannot begin to tell you just how much I appreciated hearing from all of you. The time and thought you took to read and respond truly blessed me.

Another week has begun and my feeling of being overwhelmed has yet to subside. The good news is this: it is something else that keeps it afloat.

In my first week, I felt that the seemingly endless amount of information and research would overcome any ability I had to unscramble and make sense of it all. But, through much prayer and divine intervention, excitement and inspirations are beginning to summit; brainwaves are coming in with tides of insight.

If you have not noticed already, our society and culture are on the brink of monumental changes as a historically influential and significant generation (the Baby Boomers) are headed towards retirement. It is also no surprise that my generation, Gen Y, having grown up in such a technologically advanced society, are much more globally minded and aware than our parents were at our age. With the help of the internet, orbiting satellites, global political unrest and other end-time achievements, we are fully conscious and concerned about the part we play.

All that to say this: I have been burdened to reach my generation with a new marketing campaign. There is a strange sense of romanticism that I feel welling up inside me as I envision my peers coming to know and see what Compassion is all about. Not only do I get excited at the thought of Compassion’s mission spreading, but I am hopeful that these young adults, who are passionate about so many similar things, will be moved to take responsibility and action for these children [4].

Being globally aware, politically active, and socially cognizant of poverty, AIDS [5], and other injustices around the world is trendy. It’s cool to drive a “green” car, be a vegan, have dreadlocks, sip tea, and read and write poems while listening to soft, mellow acoustic music in a small locally owned café. Frankly, apart from dreadlocks, I fit that mold. But what’s not common is the root and reason behind this.

It’s one thing to support the (RED) campaign because Bono does; it is another thing entirely to go to Africa and hold those same children in your arms. I don’t want to change the collective mindset of my generation; they are on the right track. But I do want to change the heart that motivates them.

In all honesty, I am looking to be changed too. Like most of my generation, I have lived a comfortable, safe, and trouble-free life, full of luxuries and indulgences that are hardly necessary. I have not been on a mission trip and so there stands in my way an emotional disconnect [6]. When it comes to seeing the pictures and hearing the testimonies, I am moved but often stop short of complete understanding.

Do I believe in what Compassion is doing? Of course.

Do I want to be a part of it? More than anything.

But like my prayer for my peers, I pray for myself that the Lord would break my heart for what breaks His, unveil my eyes to see as He does, and to grant me the passion and vision to do what He wants.

The older I get, the more I realize that this is a lifetime objective. I will not accomplish this with the remaining five weeks of my internship. But I do know that the Lord has prepared in advance good works for us to accomplish. And so I am keeping my eyes peeled and my ears open.

That’s this week’s progress. What do you think? Possible?