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It’s Grab Bag Monday!

grab bags UPDATE: August 12, 2013 7:10 a.m. MT — WOW, that was quick!! Everything has been given away already and there’s nothing left. 😀 What a great response from you all. Thanks everyone for participating in Grab Bag Monday!

When I was growing up, there was this store we used to shop at called Pick ‘n Save. Anyone remember Pick ‘n Save? They sold closeout items from other retailers – for cheap!

In fact, one year we took my grandmother there. She was SO excited about how inexpensive everything was that she needed an extra suitcase to bring all of her treasures home.

Fun memory!

As a kid, one thing I used to get excited about at Pick ‘n Save was their grab bags. Special bags, usually found at the checkout, filled with unknown items for $1.

grab bags

For a buck, who knows what a kid could find in that sealed brown lunch bag? It was very exciting.

Well, to add some excitement to your summer, we’re bringing back the grab bag — and you don’t even have to pay $1!

How can you receive a grab bag? It’s easy-schmeezy!

  1. In the comments, simply let us know you’d like to receive a grab bag. (Yup, that’s it!)
  2. Email us your name and address at contest@compassion.com and we’ll mail your grab bag to you.

We’ve got a treasure trove of stuff to give away. It’s first-come, first served until everything is gone. (Sorry, U.S. and Canada only.)

So, to the best sponsors ever, Happy Monday and Happy Grab Bag Day!