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Korean Orphans Choir: Echoes of the Past

leaving a legacy Going through our ministry archives, I found a recording of the Korean Orphans Choir singing, “Lord, I Want to Be a Christian.”

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Lord, I Want to Be a Christian

In the 1960s, our founder’s wife, Miriam Swanson, toured 80 U.S. cities with this choir. The voices of the Korean orphans inspired audiences across the country to sponsor more orphans, and our ministry grew.

As I listened to this song, I couldn’t help but think: This choir, these voices, are echoes of our past. Echoes with a ripple effect that still reverberates to this day.

This year, we are celebrating 60 years of ministry.

Rev. and Miriam Swanson’s love for the orphans of war-torn Korea is an echo that, today, ripples to 26 countries worldwide and tells this generation of children that they also are loved.

It is an echo I pray every child hears.

We all have an opportunity in this life to leave an imprint — an “echo” if you will — on the lives of others. What is the echo you want to leave for generations to come?