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Let’s Talk About Easter

letter writing club whisperOn Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is alive and He is the One who gives us hope! And it is in His name that children around the world are being released from poverty through the work of the local churches that are partnering with Compassion.

On my sponsor tour to Mexico last month, I was able to see firsthand the hope that many of the children are learning about. As sponsors, it is so important for us to make the time to write to our sponsored children on a regular basis. They want to hear from us and know about some of the things we do here in the United States. One of the ways we can share with them is to let them know what we do on important holidays.

This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 20. So this month, let’s send an Easter-themed letter and paper craft items to our sponsored children. Share with your sponsored child some of your Easter traditions, then ask him what his family does to celebrate Easter.

Here are a few other questions you can ask this month:

If you would like to send something along with your letter, consider this stained glass cross craft [3].

cross-craft [3]

And this would make a great coloring page [4] to send along with your letter.

easter resurrection coloring page [4]

Be sure to join us in finding some fun Easter paper crafts for our Second Friday Letter Writing Club board [5] on Pinterest.

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