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What Can I Share in Letters to My Sponsored Child?

Posted By Shaina Moats On December 6, 2011 @ 12:38 am In Letter Writing | 30 Comments

letter writing ideas Ideas for writing your sponsored child are a very popular topic on this blog, on Facebook … pretty much everywhere. In the contact center, we hear lots of questions about what you should and should not write.

letter writing ideas

While this list is not comprehensive, I hope it’s a helpful guide for you.

Topics to write about:

  • Your Family
    Share everything you are comfortable sharing that is age appropriate for your sponsored child.

    Talk about your children, parents, cousins, etc. Tell stories about family members and friends, and tell your sponsored child why you’re thankful for them.

  • Your Pets
    I know that my dogs are like family to my husband and me. Share pictures of your pets, things they like to do (go to the park or play fetch) and your favorite memories of having them as part of your household.

    Tell your sponsored child funny stories (remember that time Fido ate the Thanksgiving turkey right off the table when the family wasn’t looking?!).

  • Your Community, State, and Country
    Share educational and fun information about where you live. Be descriptive and send photos if you have some.
  • Your Favorite Things
    Have a favorite memory of growing up or a favorite Bible verse? Share it with your sponsored child and let him or her know why it means so much to you.
  • Encouragement
    It may seem like you aren’t doing much, but you are! Your words of encouragement provide hope and fill your sponsored child with love.

    Don’t you remember that person who spoke into your life when you most needed it? That’s YOU to your sponsored child! Don’t take the honor lightly.

  • Holidays and Traditions
    Tell your sponsored child how you celebrate Christmas or why Easter is such a big deal to your family. Share Fourth of July memories and write about the history of the holiday.

    Just as you are interested to know about your child and family, they are delighted to hear details from you!

  • School and Work
    As you want to know what your sponsored child is learning at school, your child wants to know what you are learning at school or what your job is like. You might even find out you share a common interest.
  • Ask Questions
    No, your questions might not always be answered (do you answer EVERY question you get in an email?) but they will show your sponsored child that you truly want to know him or her.
  • Share Your Pictures
    Your sponsored child LOVES pictures. Be wise in the ones you choose, but send them often. My sponsored children can’t seem to get enough!

Topics to Avoid:

First, let me state that this is not meant in any way to make you feel guilty. You are already doing an incredible thing by sponsoring a child. This information is just to help you be wise in how you communicate with your precious sponsored child.

If you’re feeling the pangs of guilt, stop and read this first: Not Guilty: Using Your Blessings for Good [3].

  • Money
    Don’t talk to your sponsored child about money. You and your sponsored child come from very different places. This topic won’t bring children joy, but it could promote jealousy and, possibly, anger.
  • Food
    Have you ever thought about what your sponsored child eats? He or she definitely will not eat the same things you do. You can find out by logging in to your account [4] on our website.

    Want to try your child’s diet for a while? Check this out: 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor [5].

  • Your Home or Other Belongings
    Go ahead and talk all you want about memories that were made in your home; just avoid the actual thing.

    Don’t talk about the size of your home or that you have a car (or multiple). Be cautious not to be callous when talking about things you own.

  • Inappropriate Pictures
    Avoid sharing pictures that may not be appropriate, and remember that your sponsored child lives in a completely different country and culture. While that family picture at the water park may be the “best one you’ve taken in years,” the bathing suits may be quite a shock to your sponsored child. Also, try not to send pictures of your home or belongings.

    I’ve been asked if a picture of a theme park would be okay to send; I think that’s fine. Bottom line, use your best judgment and if you’re not sure, it’s best to call and ask us or don’t send it at all.

Finally, I’ve compiled some resources for you. Feel free to share your own ideas and resources for letter writing topics in the comments!


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