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What Can I Share in Letters to My Sponsored Child?

letter writing ideas Ideas for writing your sponsored child are a very popular topic on this blog, on Facebook … pretty much everywhere. In the contact center, we hear lots of questions about what you should and should not write.

letter writing ideas

While this list is not comprehensive, I hope it’s a helpful guide for you.

Topics to write about:

Topics to Avoid:

First, let me state that this is not meant in any way to make you feel guilty. You are already doing an incredible thing by sponsoring a child. This information is just to help you be wise in how you communicate with your precious sponsored child.

If you’re feeling the pangs of guilt, stop and read this first: Not Guilty: Using Your Blessings for Good [3].

Finally, I’ve compiled some resources for you. Feel free to share your own ideas and resources for letter writing topics in the comments!