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What Your Sponsored Child Wants to Hear From You

letter writing ideas Sponsored children are very grateful and consider themselves blessed to have sponsors who love them and write to them. The children are touched by the affection you express to them in your letters and the prayers you share with them.

They like when you pray for them and ask them to pray for you in return.

They love when you express your love for them and declare a blessing on their lives. And when you encourage them to study hard.

Most of the children are curious to know more about your lives, families and studies, if you are pursuing any, and also hope to one day meet you face to face. General topics the children like to know about also include religion and the general lifestyle of the western world.

The children of Rwanda are filled with glee when they share about the letters they receive from you.

“I like that my sponsor is still writing to me and that he and everybody else is fine. I always hear terrible international news and I am so relieved to hear from my sponsor and to know that he is OK.” — Kwizera

“I like how my sponsor sees me, his attitude and feelings towards me, his encouraging comments all the time. I like that he receives my letters, responds to my questions, and prays for my prayer requests. I really appreciate my sponsor and his family.” — Dieudonne

“I love when she writes ‘God be with you and your family’ and when she tells me she is praying for me. I thank her so much for this!” — Uwambajimana

“I like it when my sponsor wishes me the best in my studies and when she prays for me.” — Umurerwa

“I like it when my sponsor tells me how her children are doing in school; it encourages me to work hard not to let her down.” — Irabizi

“I love how my sponsor feels about me. I like that he loves me.” — Bagambiki