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Letter Writing Ideas


“…And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us some e-mail.”
— a 4-year-old girl reciting the Lord’s Prayer

Perhaps this little girl didn’t get it quite right, but she certainly illustrates the point I want to share with you today. Our sponsored kids want to hear from us! They need our letters, our cards, our photos and, yes, even our e-mail.

One-on-one sponsorship is set up to give each of us the opportunity to shepherd and encourage the children of our world. We need to be there for our kids. We parents know how quickly our children grow up. Well, your sponsored kids grow up just as fast! Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with them — to know them.

Now here is a confession. I have been a sponsor for over two years — two years of very regular, very wonderful correspondence — but I need some help! I need some ideas on how to keep my correspondence fresh, and educational and exciting.

So readers in blogland — sponsors, advocates, former Compassion kids, Compassion staff — please share with me some creative things you’ve done, or seen done, for the children. Is there anything that really stands out as special or unique?

Sponsors, is there something you sent that you felt really great about? Is there something a child received that really wowed them?

Please share…