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Living in Colombia: A Day in the Life of Ingrid

living in colombia Early in the morning in Magangue, Colombia, Ingrid gets up with the sun and starts her day.

Ingrid’s mother, a working woman who is the head of her family, gives her children hot chocolate and bread for breakfast and goes to work. Ingrid’s sister goes to work with her.

Ingrid stays at home to do housework. With a palm broom, she sweeps the dusty dirt floor of her house. Then she is responsible for washing dishes and getting them organized for when her mother returns.

Once this is finished, Ingrid carries water in a bucket to the place designated for showering, a place built with tin walls and a curtain for a door.

She brushes her teeth and puts on her uniform to go to the child development center, having first arranged her hair in a cute ponytail — which she usually repeats over and over until it has been well made.

Locking up her house, Ingrid goes to the center, located a few blocks from her home. Upon arriving at the center, Ingrid goes to her classroom, where she participates in the activities of the day.

Her teacher designates a craft to make, a way to encourage creativity and develop skills. In class, Ingrid is a quiet and obedient girl, ready to perform activities and participate with joy.

She never misses prayers, no matter how many there are. Prayer is an important element in class because it’s a way to let children to know about God’s love and care.

Ingrid has fun with the crafts she is able to make, and she enjoys working with her friends.

After crafts, she and the other children wash their hands and, after lining up in a row, get their dishes filled with food and sit down to eat their snack and share with other children.

When her time at the center is over, Ingrid goes home, where her mother has lunch waiting for her.

Ingrid changes from her center uniform into her school uniform and goes to study.

She keeps her books in an old bag of yarn that serves as a backpack. She fastens her shoes carefully, gives a touch to her hair, and is ready to leave.

Standing by the door is her mother. She gives Ingrid a quick review from head to toe to make sure that her daughter has what she needs for school.

Then she gives her a big hug, a kiss and good advice,

“Behave yourself! Learn a lot, take your snacks, God bless you ….”

Ingrid and two classmates walk to school together. Along the way, they talk about their homework and make plans to play at recess.

Once night falls, Ingrid returns home, where her family is waiting for her for dinner.

Before going to bed, she devotes time to homework and packs her notebooks for class the next day. Then, with a prayer of thanksgiving, she ends her day and is off to sleep.