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Losing Compassion for Compassion International

Update: The subject matter in the blog linked below has changed. Compassion holds the view that God has reserved sexual intimacy for marriage, which the Bible defines as between a man and a woman in an exclusive commitment of mutual love and faith. While our position has not changed, we have removed from our Welcome Booklets the request that sponsors avoid mentioning living in a homosexual lifestyle or comments condoning sexual relationships outside of a heterosexual marriage covenant.

I stumbled across this post [3] this morning, thanks to Google. More than the honesty the author writes with, I am impressed with the sincere desire that I perceive in his words – the desire to do good for the right reasons.

I strongly encourage you to read one man’s experience with us, even though his experience isn’t rah-rah.

I’m posting this because I am committed to creating a forum for authenticity [4] and honest discussion

I’m also posting this because we, as an organization, have made these commitments [5].

Read Losing Compassion for Compassion International [3] at the Protestant Blog Ethic.