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Made for Each Other

made for each other I was recently able to be a co-leader on a Sponsor Tour to Guatemala (you may have seen some of my previous blogs from that trip [3]). The last day of our trip was the one everyone had waited for — Sponsor/Child Fun Day! It was the day that busloads of sponsored children came to Guatemala City, and their sponsors, many for the first time, meet them.

The day was unique for me, as I don’t have any sponsored children in Guatemala. It was beautiful, watching these sponsors, who have faithfully prayed and written letters over the years, be able to hug their sponsored children. To play with them. To look them in their eyes and tell them how much they are loved.

OK, I was pretty much crying the whole day.

But I saw a phenomenon that day I want to tell you about.

Sean, the leader of our trip, had spoken to the group about how each sponsored child would be uniquely theirs. They may not know the reason exactly, but that child was chosen for that sponsor for a reason. And that sponsor was chosen for that child.

I saw that as I watched these sponsors interacting with their sponsored children. I saw talkative sponsors trying to keep up with their chatty children through the translators. I saw shy children paired with sponsors who were perfectly content sitting and holding their child’s hand.

But I wasn’t prepared for how these children would physically fit into their sponsors’ arms.

It’s like they were made for their hugs.

I saw little girls nuzzle into the shoulders of their sponsors.

And their heads fit just perfectly.

I saw cheeks cupped by hands that seemed to be created for that job alone.

I saw God bringing together people from all walks of life.

Like they were made for each other.

I guess, because they were.

God is amazing like that.