Does Geography Limit Compassion?

mark hanlon On one hand, we need to do all in our power to help those struggling here at home. But we also have the challenge of viewing poverty with “global bifocals.” With one portion of the lens we see and attack needs close to home. With the other portion of the lens we focus on the realities of global poverty that may seem far away.

Here at home, poverty is a single mom in Detroit trying to keep food on the table. In Africa, poverty is a 14-year-old orphaned head-of-household trying to find fresh water for himself and his siblings. The challenge isn’t to choose one over the other. The task is to view two harsh realities through a common lens of compassion and assistance.

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  1. Marlius Telaumbanua October 8, 2010

    Please allow me to post this topic in my blog…

    1. Chris Giovagnoni October 8, 2010

      You are welcome to. But please give credit to the Huffington Post and link back to the article on their site.

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