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Ministry Highlight: Brazil

brazil-facts We began our ministry in Brazil in 1987 with the Child Sponsorship Program. In 2007, we started the Leadership Development Program.

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The ministry in Brazil is beginning to expand into the northeast region of the country. This is exciting because most Brazilians aren’t aware of the extreme poverty that exists in that area.

Country Director

Susete Cardoso was invited to work in the Finance Department when our office opened in 1987. After joining the ministry, Susete studied accounting and received a Master’s in Information Technology.

Prior to this, she volunteered in an organization that partnered with our ministry. In 2003, Susete was appointed Brazil’s Country Director.

Shortly after accepting Christ at age 18, Susete decided to study theology in seminary.

She took courses that focused on evangelism to children. Through these courses, she volunteered in public schools to share Jesus with children.

Implementing Church Partners

Implementing Church Partners are local churches with whom we work to deliver our child development program and ministry in the field.

Child Sponsorship Program

Your sponsorship of a child in Brazil provides a variety of benefits.

Leadership Development Program

Complementary Interventions

Our core Child Sponsorship Program, while comprehensive, does not address all obstacles to a child’s healthy development. The Complementary Interventions program was created to work with our holistic child development model to provide additional services, such as our AIDS Initiative, funds for Bibles for All Children, disaster relief [3] and water projects.

Complementary Interventions in Brazil are typically used for education, curriculum and infrastructure.

Highly Vulnerable Children
Children who are abused or exploited and attend the child development center receive trauma counseling, legal counseling and medical care.