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Ministry Highlight: East Indonesia

east-indonesia We began our ministry in East Indonesia in 2005 with the Child Sponsorship Program, and in 2006 we started the Child Survival Program.

Country Director

Georry Nefiantuty Suardi (Tuty) joined the ministry in East Indonesia as country director in 2005. Before this, Tuty served as program manager in the Bandung office.

Prior to joining Compassion, Tuty served as a program manager and trainer for the Indonesian Christian Church Training Center, and as a consultant in human resource development for the Fidicia Consulting Group.

Tuty is the founder of the Youth Empowerment Station in Jakarta and the Youth Leadership Movement in Manado.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from the Christian University of Duta Wacana, a master’s in development management from the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines, and a master’s in holistic child development from the Malaysian Baptist Theological Seminary in Penang, Malaysia.

Implementing Church Partners

Implementing Church Partners are local churches in East Indonesia with whom we work to deliver child development programs and ministry in the field.

Child Survival Program

Child Development Through Sponsorship

Your sponsorship of a child in East Indonesia provides a variety of benefits.

Children are very busy with school during the weekdays, so we conduct our activities in the afternoons after school.

Complementary Interventions

Our core Child Sponsorship Program, while comprehensive, does not address all obstacles to a child’s healthy development. The Complementary Interventions program was created to work with our holistic child development model to provide additional services, such as our AIDS Initiative, funds for Bibles, disaster relief [3] and water projects.

Typical Complementary Interventions
Complimentary Interventions funds are used for curriculum, prevention and treatment of vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, water projects, and non-formal education.

Highly Vulnerable Children

In East Indonesia, most of our highly vulnerable children suffer from severe child abuse or parental neglect. In order to address these needs, we work closely with the Implementing Church Partners to reinforce the importance of child protection.