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Ministry Highlight: Ghana

Compassion began its ministry in Ghana in 2005 with the Child Sponsorship Program. Since then we have registered 25,000 children.

Some children who were not attending school due to financial constraints at the time of registration have all been enrolled and are doing well in school. In addition, four of our registered children have participated in and won awards at the National Sports Championship.

Country Director of Ghana

Jemima Amanor joined us as Country Director of Ghana in 2005. Before coming to our ministry, she worked at World Vision Ghana where she served in various capacities.

Prior to her time at World Vision, Jemima worked as a district public health nurse and a nurse educator in a nursing institution of Ghana’s Ministry of Health.

Jemima holds a bachelor’s degree in education, a diploma in nursing education, a state registered nurse certificate with specialization in public health, and a Master of Arts degree.

In 2008, Jemima was ordained as a minister of the Methodist Church Ghana. She assists in ministering to a local church on the weekends.

Implementing Church Partners

Implementing Church Partners are local churches in Ghana with whom we work to deliver child development programs and ministry in the field.

Child Development Through Sponsorship

Your sponsorship of a child in Ghana provides a variety of benefits.

Children in Ghana are busy with school during the weekdays, so they go to the child development center on Saturdays. However, some Implementing Church Partners do meet for two hours on weekdays during holidays in addition to the Saturday meetings.

Complementary Interventions

Our core child sponsorship program, while comprehensive, does not address all obstacles to a child’s healthy development. The Complementary Interventions program was created to work with our holistic child development model to provide additional services, such as our AIDS Initiative, funds for Bibles for All Children, disaster relief [3] and water projects.

Typical Complementary Interventions in Ghana include:

Highly Vulnerable Children

Malnourished children whose caregivers are not working are our greatest need. Children are given nutritional supplements, and parents or caregivers are given start-up support for income-generating businesses and business management training.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to work hard and save money to help them get out of poverty and most of them are doing well. We also provide counseling for the registered children and their caregivers.

Eventually, we would like to expand into the eastern, Volta and Ashanti regions of the country. These regions are next in Ghana’s national the poverty rating.