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Ministry Highlight: Sri Lanka

sri-lanka-facts Our work in Sri Lanka began in 2010 with the Child Survival Program. The Child Sponsorship and Leadership Development Programs have not yet been implemented.

Country Director

Sujith Siri Kumara first came to know about our ministry in 2004 when he participated in the holistic child development program at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Penang, Malaysia. Since that time, he has been active in child advocacy in Sri Lanka.

In 2009 Sujith became the representative for our ministry in Sri Lanka, where he assumed duties as the interim Country Director.

Sujith was a Marxist in his youth, but later became disillusioned with the Marxist movement and faced a series of personal crises. He was planning to commit suicide when God reached out to him and he became a Christian. Since that time, he has been a dedicated Christian worker, serving as a pastor and church planter for Calvary churches in Sri Lanka.

Later he realized his calling to serve children, and he and his wife, Renuka, became house parents for ESCAPE, a transit home for sexually abused children.

From 1996 to 2004 Sujith taught, preached and trained thousands of pastors, teachers, social workers, police personnel and caregivers in governmental and nongovernmental organizations about child advocacy and protection.

Sujith also designed and planned a three-year diploma program in holistic child development at Lanka Bible College and Seminary in Colombo.

He has written several books on child care and child abuse, and served as the magazine editor for the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka to educate pastors and Christian workers in Sri Lanka.

Implementing Church Partners

Implementing Church Partners are local churches in Sri Lanka with whom we work to deliver child development and ministry in the field.

Complementary Interventions

Our Child Survival Program cannot address all obstacles to a child’s healthy development. The Complementary Interventions Program was created to work with our holistic child development model to provide additional services such as our AIDS Initiative, funds for Bibles for All Children, disaster relief [3] and water projects.

Typical Complementary Interventions in Sri Lanka include medical and crisis relief.

Child Survival Program