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Nine Most Common Correspondence Questions

common questions Questions about correspondence are among the most common we hear among our support community [3] and in the contact center. I thought I’d make it easy for you and compile our most frequently asked correspondence questions together in one place.

  1. Where do I send my letters?
    You can mail your letters to the address below. Be sure to include your sponsor number (A seven digit number that starts with a 1, 2, or 3) and your child’s number (A seven digit number that begins with two letters) on the letter so we can process it correctly.

    Attn: Child Correspondence
    Compassion International
    Colorado Springs, CO 80997

  2. Global Ministry Center, Colorado Springs, Colo.

  3. Why can’t I send a package?
    Everything we send to each field office [4] is declared as a document. If the box of letters went through customs and customs officials found something in it that was not a document, we would be charged hefty fines and that box would be held for weeks, possibly months.

    Also, sending items overseas can be very tricky. There is a very high incidence of theft, and we’re not willing to take that chance with items that you have spent money on.

    On top of that, shipping items can be quite costly. After paying for the item, shipping it to the country, and paying for customs fees, you would probably spend two to three times more than the worth of the item you shipped.

    Instead, we encourage you to send monetary gifts. The child and family can choose what they need from the market and it helps to stimulate the local economy.

  4. What can I send to my child?
    You’re welcome to send any items that are made of paper, no thicker than 1/4” and no larger than 8.5” by 11.” For a list of ideas, check out our Tips for Mailing Small Gifts [5].

    We’ve also got some great ideas on our Pinterest board [6].

  5. Why do my letters take so long?
    Your letters will take two to three months to reach your child and it will take two to three months for your child’s letters to reach you [7]. When your letters to your sponsored child reach our Colorado Springs office either by mail or through our online letter tool, your letters are processed, checked to be sure any attachments are within size limitations, and sorted by country.

    Letters are mailed once a week to each country office. After the letters go through customs, the country office receives and distributes them to translators. Once the letters have been translated, they are sorted by child development center and placed in each center’s bin.

    How far the child development center staff members are located from the country office will determine how often they are able to pick up the letters — anywhere from weekly to once a month. The next time each center meets they will distribute the letters to the children. Your child’s letter takes a similar process [8] back to reach you.

  6. Sorting letters in our office in Inda

  7. Why does my child not answer my questions?
    Letter writing can be a difficult concept for a child to understand who has always communicated verbally. Here’s a great post with lots of information, Why Do My Sponsored Child’s Letters Seem So Impersonal? [9]
  8. When will I receive my first letter from my child?
    After you sponsor a child, you will receive a letter from them within four months. Typically, your child will find out that they are sponsored about 2-3 weeks after you make your first contribution.
  9. Can I write to my child in their own language?
    Yes! You are welcome to write to your child in their language. Just know that this will not speed up the process as the translator will still check to make sure the child can understand your letter and that the content is appropriate.
  10. Translators in our Indonesian office

  11. Will I receive confirmation when my child gets my letter?
    No, you will not receive a confirmation when your child receives your letter. However, you can expect that they should receive your letter two to three months after you send it.
  12. How do I email my child?
    While you aren’t necessarily able to email your child, you may write a letter to them online using our online letter-writing tool. To write online, sign in to your account on www.compassion.com [10] and click “Write My Child.”You can choose from several colorful templates and even upload pictures. We will print your letter in color in our Colorado Springs office.

So did I miss anything? If you still have a question about correspondence, feel free to share it at: support.compassion.com [3]