One in Spirit

One In Spirit is a collection of devotionals written exclusively by Compassion staff to connect and encourage the global Compassion community. Collectively, the authors represent 41 nations from around the world, united by the power of Christ and a shared commitment to children in need.

We’ll be publishing one devotional each weekday throughout 2012. It is our hope that these devotionals will help to connect our global workforce and ministry supporters in a way never experienced before.

Imagine the potential spiritual growth to be gained through a coming together of like-minded Christians studying Scripture and praying in unison all year long!

Week 1

January 2 – Just Love Me by Wess Stafford
January 3 – He Shall Direct Your Paths by Wess Stafford
January 4 – Staying Attached by Carla Hoit
January 5 – It’s Jesus! by Cuthbert Mono
January 6 – The Satisfaction of Serving by Bolivia Ministry Team

Week 2

January 9 – He Will Deliver Us by Samuel Bala
January 10 – The God Over All Gods by Taylor Holmes
January 11 – Brokenness Before God by Claudia Longorio
January 12 – In the Shadow of the Almighty by Mamitu Zellelew
January 13 – Stress Relief by Jim deWeerd

Week 3

January 16 – Sharing All We Have as a Response to God’s Calling by K.L. George
January 17 – They Have Something by Carlos Escobar
January 18 – A Spirit of Power and Love by Jessica Arce Huancacuri
January 19 – The Gift of Our Work by Angelina Dieleman
January 20 – Tears by Lutufyo Ramson Kaminyoge

Week 4

January 23 – God’s Will for Us by Kurt Birky
January 24 – Miracles of God by Grignard Benyamin Tanari
January 25 – “Lord, If You Had Come Earlier” by Joel Macharia
January 26 – Faith Test by Orfa Cerrato
January 27 – Compassion Clothing by David Dahlin

Week 5

January 30 – Kindness at Work by Amber VanSchooneveld
January 31 – One and Being One by Jancy Mathew
February 1 – Love and the Fiber Mat by Richard Muliisa
February 2 – We Need to Be Kids Again by Lucy Vasquez
February 3 – His Grace: My Doorway to Compassion Ministry by Raphael Joachim Lyela

Week 6

February 6 – With One Resolve by Daniel Bretscher
February 7 – Authority that Comes from Above by Eduardo Idalgo
February 8 – Moving the Army of God to Care for a Child by Martha Morales
February 9 – You: A Miracle Worker by Tim Glenn
February 10 – The Role of an Individual by Elieshi Kisinza

Week 7

February 13 – God’s Love for the World Is Personal by Handoko Ngadiman
February 14 – Carry the Love of Jesus to the Little Ones by Issaka Kiemtore
February 15 – Lead with Love by Agnes Hotay
February 16 – Christian Love and Confrontation by Aaron Armstrong
February 17 – Actively Extend Grace by Samantha Taylor

Week 8

February 20 – Think Healthy by Robert Moreno
February 21 – From the Inside Out by Hannah Simpson
February 22 – The Compassion Life by Paul Yao Gaglo
February 23 – The Joy of Serving by Kathie Rossback
February 24 – Giving Our All by Jenny Iraola de Escalera

Week 9

February 27 – Assigning Blame? We’re Done with That! by Menchit Wong
February 28 – Speaking with One Voice by Ed Anderson
February 29 – The Heart of the Matter by Gael Stuart Phaneuf
March 1 – Small Things that Matter to Children by Moses Mbonigaba
March 2 – Leaving Traces by David Garcia

Week 10

March 5 – Strengthen Your Position by Emmanuel Namurinda
March 6 – Between Tears and Joy by Rocio Gomez
March 7 – Put on the Full Armor, Ya’ll by Andrew Sturt
March 8 – Do Not Be Afraid by Ruwanthi Sarjeevram
March 9 – In God We Trust by Guillermo Munoz

Week 11

March 12 – Silence and Solitude by Erin Anderson
March 13 – Never Give Up! Keep Praying! by Regina Silva
March 14 – God Hears Our Prayers by Becky Hammitt
March 15 – A Fireball from God by Patrick Day
March 16 – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait by Isaac Jebaseelan

Week 12

March 19 – Enter In by Brandon Hackett
March 20 – A Man of Suffering, Familiar With Pain by Mark Hanlon
March 21 – Storms by Joseph Vidanes
March 22 – Deserts Like Eden by Patricia Medina
March 23 – Encourage One Another by Jennifer Ndangizi

Week 13

March 26 – Saving My Generation by Roberto Medrano
March 27 – Sent Not Brought by Kokouvi Glakpe
March 28 – The Time Has Come by Yolanda Rodas
March 29 – We Are That Voice by Charles E. Ngowi
March 30 – The Front Lines by Lindy Wiseman

Week 14

April 2 – I Will Not Leave You as Orphans by Martha Lucía Polo Q
April 3 – They Shall Not Want by Richard Atterton
April 4 – The Unnamed Steward by Jason Malinak
April 5 – A Tree with Abundant Fruit by Gabriela Arévalo
April 6 – How Will They Know? By Walt Hintz

Week 15

April 9 – Scholarship and Spirituality by David Beltran
April 10 – The Gift of Grace by Nadia Soberanis
April 11 – A True Test of Generosity by Tim Hanna
April 12 – Releasing One Another from the Imperfect Past by Greg Boyer
April 13 – Remember the Best by Thomas Mogaka

Week 16

April 16 – Rejoice in Suffering by Nongnuch Meetang
April 17 – Unfaithfulness by Nicholas Ntiamoah
April 18 – Living in Integrity by Fidelia Beltre
April 19 – Loyalty by Linda Agbehiadzie
April 20 – Loyalty to the Lord’s Anointed by Catherine Hilger

Week 17

April 23 – A Passionate Traveler by Agus Yunus
April 24 – Serving As Unto the Lord by Fenel Pierre
April 25 – You Give It to Them by Melkamua Bolanco
April 26 – Serving Selflessly by Verónica Sanabria
April 27 – The Dung Gate by Rick Davis

Week 18

April 30 – A Testimony of God’s Goodness by James Sanyagalo
May 1 – A Heart for the Poor Is a Conversion Experience by Stephen Tollestrup
May 2 – Who Needs Christ? by Karen Wright
May 3 – Poverty, Wealth, and Unity by Paul Moede
May 4 – Endless Love by Anita Washington

Week 19

May 7 – God’s Preparation for Partnership by Thomas Avis
May 8 – Pressing On by Jose Carlos Prem
May 9 – Some Time Later, the Brook Dried Up by Michael Kientz
May 10 – A Great Finish from a Slow Start by Kokouvi Oevo
May 11 – The Goodness of God by Sean Dana

Week 20

May 14 – Time for a Critical Update? by Ron Mathieu
May 15 – A Child’s Act of Love by Maria Teresa Arango
May 16 – Honor Children by Lawrence Mangalarajan
May 17 – Crossing Barriers by Doug Bassett
May 18 – Touch Them with Your Heart by Jane Abera

Week 21

May 21 – Stop Blaming and Take Charge! by Komlavi Peter Ataty
May 22 – Determination by M. Surendar
May 23 – Combat Boots by Lauren DiCecio
May 24 – Living Close to the Line by Gail Taylor
May 25 – The Door to Deliverance by Cecilia Yepez

Week 22

May 28 – A Seed of the Kingdom by Brian Houghtaling
May 29 – Living a Different Life by Ina Wasseveld
May 30 – Jesus In Me! by Abdoulaye Diallo
May 31 – Be the Light by Elissaint Jean-Jacques
June 1 – God Showing Through by Fredrick N. Oduori

Week 23

June 4 – Believe as Children by Alejandra Amador
June 5 – Praying Is Dangerous Business by Dewi Sartika Batubara
June 6 – Thanking God Before a Prayer Is Answered by Monica Cooper
June 7 – Prayers of Encouragement by Marlen Vilcamango
June 8 – Far-Reaching Prayers by Julie Brockett

Week 24

June 11 – A Faith with Roots by Jose Carrasco
June 12 – Why Do We Follow the Lord? by Alan Werckle
June 13 – Six Reasons We Can Trust God by Jemima Amanor
June 14 – Four Questions God Asks Us by Samuel Wambugu
June 15 – Do I Really Trust? by Mary Lou Elliott

Week 25

June 18 – Divine Appointments by Tracy Smith
June 19 – We Are Chosen by Erlan Santoso
June 20 – One In Spirit, Love, and Passion by Sarah Heanaghan
June 21 – I Love My Job! by Mathilda Marselina Kipuw
June 22 – The Gate to Answered Prayer by Brian Rice

Week 26

June 25 – Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up! by Wendy Sebastian
June 26 – Humble Listening by Samuel Rugambage
June 27 – Do Whatever He Tells You by Ronnie Kaweesa
June 28 – Having No Ego by Janna Reynolds
June 29 – Children Speak the Truth by Chris Baker

Week 27

July 2 – The Battle is God’s by Edouard Lassegue
July 3 – Mighty Warriors by Guilherme Lucas Oliveira
July 4 – Contend as One Man by Scott Todd
July 5 – Fighting Our Goliath by Henry Alberto Guarín
July 6 – Tomorrow Is Where Your Future Is by Pauline Munganyinka

Week 28

July 9 – Heaven’s Metrics by Neil Penullar
July 10 – Much Is Required by Rachel Griffin
July 11 – From Recipient to Contributors by Willem Paulus Tuwankotta
July 12 – We Are Transforming Lives by Lucas Leiro
July 13 – Do You See Jesus in the Face of Others? by Desiree Bustamante

Week 29

July 16 – Touching Hearts by Suk-kyoung Sung
July 17 – Brothers in Arms by Benaiah David
July 18 – Never Forgotten by David Fronterhouse
July 19 – The One Who Sees by Megan Marsh
July 20 – Unlimited Love by Jean-Dieudonné Compaore

Week 30

July 23 – Who God Chooses by Russ Debenport
July 24 – Moved by God, Moved by Mission by Edwin Mugisha
July 25 – Made for a Purpose by Jeff Wood
July 26 – Superheroes and Boundaries by Beth Parker-Sloat
July 27 – Worn Out by David Soister

Week 31

July 30 – Joy in the Mourning by Marie Hagen
July 31 – Let Us Never Lose Hope by Philippe Mermod
August 1 – The “H” Word by Nikki Sealey
August 2 – In the Waiting Room by Ivan Lopez
August 3 – The God of All Comfort by Marla Browne

Week 32

August 6 – Spirituality Is a Way of Life by Paul Asveen
August 7 – What Is My Calling? by Lina Sukmawidjaja
August 8 – A Summoning by Name by Dean Sims
August 9 – Where Is the Love? by Tony Brizendine
August 10 – The Road Less Traveled by Elías Adbeel Muñoz

Week 33

August 13 – Compassion: An Angel of God by Fidèle Lompo
August 14 – On the Outside Looking In by Laurie Struck
August 15 – Stronger than Me by William J. Rawung
August 16 – Remember Why You’re Here by Charles Hickmott
August 17 – Thank You for Not Answering My Prayers by Habtu Mulata Assefa

Week 34

August 20 – Words of Faith by Florence Sena Amponsah
August 21 – Do Words Matter? by Lucy Foster
August 22 – Don’t Believe the Lies by Dinah Meyer
August 23 – The Power of a Mother’s Positive Influence by John Laba
August 24 – Oneness: A Place of Genuine Encouragement by Tsehaywota Taddesse

Week 35

August 27 – One In Spirit at Compassion by Joseph Mayala
August 28 – How a Meal Develops Companionship by Jordan Linscombe
August 29 – Community is More Than a Dream by Wolf Riedner
August 30 – Create WOW Moments by Bethany Schmitt
August 31 – What We Learn from Ants by Sidney Muisyo

Week 36

September 3 – Give Them Something to Eat by Lillian Gitau
September 4 – Like a Sheep by Maria Reyes
September 5 – An Action of Love by Mario Vasquez Sanchez
September 6 – Who’s the Beneficiary? by Rowena Magpoc
September 7 – Freely Receive, Freely Give by Stephen Baek

Week 37

September 10 – Love in Word, Deed, and Truth by Esther Ng’ang’a
September 11 – Pursue Your Purpose by Robert L. Hawkins, Jr., Esq.
September 12 – Finding Hope in Forgotten Places by Patricia Palhano
September 13 – What Do We Live For? by Israel Legesse
September 14 – Who Told You? by Seth Awuku Boahene

Week 38

September 17 – Are You Forgiving of Others? by Esther Barnabas
September 18 – It Takes Humility to Be One by Georry Nefiantuty
September 19 – Walk the Walk by Erasto Obel Malila
September 20 – The Virtue of Integrity by Pascasie Uwimana
September 21 – Are You a Living Testimony? by Richard Paul Samuel

Week 39

September 24 – Competing or Collaborating? by Tom Griffin
September 25 – Measuring with Mercy by Nancy Mitchell
September 26 – Experts of Grace by Bernard Koffi Gbagba
September 27 – The Pursuit of Perfection by Kate Sharma
September 28 – Grace of God by H. Petrus Nawawi

Week 40

October 1 – The Lord Will Not Forsake Me by Maria Hito
October 2 – I See God in That Bag of Ice by Barry Slauenwhite
October 3 – God Thinks About You by Nicauri Encarnacion
October 4 – What Miracles Are Made Of by Kathy Gowler
October 5 – Angels Unaware by Sharon Joseph

Week 41

October 8 – The River of God by Neal Joseph
October 9 – Time to Celebrate and Remember by Rosario Inmenso
October 10 – Satisfy the Lord by Sandeep Chandra Bose
October 11 – Let’s Praise Him by Noadia Carline Duvers
October 12 – The Touch of a Sparrow by Tim Chambers

Week 42

October 15 – Gaining Understanding by Jeffrey A. Hawthorne
October 16 – He Will Teach, Instruct and Guide by Dennis K. Mugimba
October 17 – God’s Expectations by Jose Huamanchumo
October 18 – Bugs and the Body of Christ by Grant Dewey
October 19 – United We Build by Kingsley Ampofo

Week 43

October 22 – Let the Wise Listen by Patience Antonio
October 23 – Being and Not Knowing by Ericko Steven Tandayu
October 24 – Don’t Forget What You Look Like by Manuel Morillo
October 25 – Is the Word in You? by Ivy Marian Mensah
October 26 – They Know by Daniel Lopez

Week 44

October 29 – It’s Better to Be Inside the Ark by Delanyo Yawa Tenge
October 30 – Citizens of the Kingdom of God by Joanna Loynes
October 31 – Different Yet Similar by Samwel Mwaniki
November 1 – Good and Pleasant by Phoebe Lankoande
November 2 – View from the Contact Center by Jamie Calcara

Week 45

November 5 – We Are Called to Be Encouragers by James Hanson
November 6 – Change of Heart by Adeail Fitzpatrick
November 7 – Brighten the Corner Where You Are by J. Jocelyn Dufreine
November 8 – It Is Not In Vain by Marlene Suarez Espinosa
November 9 – Relationship: An Art of Awesome Worship by Nyarko Twum-Barimah

Week 46

November 12 – God’s Glory Displayed in Our Suffering by Melodina Mendoza
November 13 – Equipped to Serve by Maria Jose Silva
November 14 – Courage in the Storm by Magdalene Nderumaki
November 15 – What Are You Holding Onto? by Piyaporn Sirita
November 16 – Resting in Jesus by Hayley White

Week 47

November 19 – Let’s Reconstruct our Nations by Silvia Sanchez
November 20 – Give Me Back My Church by Sanya Ladaphongpattana
November 21 – Chosen Before We Were Born by Etienne Muhoza
November 22 – Unity and Obedience by Jana Burnham
November 23 – Obedience: The Key to Our Success by Sisay Woldeyohannes

Week 48

November 26 – Like a Palm Tree by Hector Salgado
November 27 – Abiding in the Vine by Omar Villagran
November 28 – Total Dependence on God by William Gutierrez
November 29 – ‘In Jesus’ Name’ Sets Us Apart by Rick Frame
November 30 – A Very Large Plank by Vikki Davis

Week 49

December 3 – Children Are Always a Blessing (Even When You’re Not Expecting Them) by Sujitha Kumara
December 4 – Holding Joy by Katy Causey
December 5 – Placed in His Hands by Louise Bland
December 6 – Making People a Priority by Carlos Silva
December 7 – Relishing Rest by Terri Pierce

Week 50

December 10 – The Simple Art of Love by Jason Graves
December 11 – It’s All about Jesus by Susete Cardoso
December 12 – A Ministry that Makes God Smile by Esperance Kandera
December 13 – Just in Time by Catherine Wamiti
December 14 – A Pear and a Prayer by Brandy Campbell

Week 51

December 17 – It Is Possible! by Ian Hamilton
December 18 – The Lord’s Favor by Mathew George
December 19 – God Cares by Jan Willem Vink
December 20 – Children Becoming Kings and Priests by Crissia de Monterrosa
December 21 – One Changed Life by Mike Hinckfoot

Week 52

December 24 – He Became Poor by Vermes Pascal
December 25 – Modern-Day Wise Men by Edwin Estioko
December 26 – Living the Real Meaning of Compassion by Ariel Veras
December 27 – United by One Statement by Angélica Pérez Allende
December 28 – At the End of the Day by Jon Burgess

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