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One Meal One Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

one meal one day UPDATED Nov. 7, 2013: Our photo scavenger hunt prized winners are: Yvonne Reynolds, Jill Foley, Janet Ridgeway, Hannah Hinojosa, Luann Cubbage, Cheyanne Kopera, Anka, Micah Headdings, Beveryly Yearwood, Mandi Royman and Megan Knox. We will contact our winners via email shortly.

Today is World Food Day [3]. Nov. 6 is One Meal One Day [4]. Between now and then, we’re hosting a scavenger hunt…complete with prizes.

one meal oen day poster

To participate, take pictures of the following scavenger hunt items between now and 9 p.m. MT on Nov. 6. Each item will earn you contest entries. Some items will earn you more entries than others.

The photos fall into several categories, each highlighting a different aspect of the One Meal One Day campaign: blessing, waste, need and advocacy.

one meal one day child eating

A Child Eating…maybe even a shot of a child with food all over his or her face

one meal one day praying

A Family Gathering [involving food]…perhaps a photo of saying grace

one meal one day food served

Food Being Served…at a homeless shelter, at a restaurant, at home, etc.

one meal one day cart

A Shopping Cart…preferably from a grocery store

one meal one day garden

A Vegetable Garden, or someone working in his or her garden

one meal one day refrigertor

Inside Your Refrigerator

one meal one day vitamins


one meal one day cafeteria

A School Cafeteria

one meal one day dump

Food That Has Been Thrown Away…in a garbage can, dumpster, on the street, etc.

one meal one day food message

A Word or Message Written With Food (e.g., pepperoni, Hershey’s Kisses, jelly beans, peas, etc.)

Share your photos in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc., then come back here and post the URL to your photo in the widget at the end of this post to get your contest entries.

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