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the importance of names

Names are important. They have power. They define us. They’re more than a bunch of letters grouped together to sound pleasant to the ear. Names are more than a convenience allowing us to talk to each other. Names are a gift from God. They contain His power. They define things. They define us.

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who is your hero image

You, the sponsor of a child living in poverty, are a hero. And you may not feel like a hero, but you are one.

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Bible Distribution for Children

In this chapel message, Jim Rankin, founder of Adventures in Truth, shares about his ministry in Ethiopia and the importance of Ethiopia in scripture.

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water of life

Drink water and suffer diarrhea, don’t drink water and develop bladder stones. It’s a Catch-22 in desperate need of a solution.

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rainwater harvesting pump

Our partnership with the local churches helps stand in the gap for community needs that government programs have not been able to meet.

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Children all around the world have dreams about their futures. We asked some of the children in our program what they want to be when they grow up.

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vocational training sales

Enock always shares with his siblings that he is the one who will take over from his father as breadwinner. He says that he always feels uncomfortable when he sees his mom crying when there is nothing at home for them to eat.

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I’ve taken many calls from sponsors about their children’s pictures. “Why is my child wearing such nice clothing?” “Why is my child not smiling?” “My child’s newest picture doesn’t look like my child. Why?”

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Mar 10 2014

Spring Is in the Air


This month’s letter-writing theme is spring! Help us find some spring ‘pins’ that would be great items to mail to our sponsored children.

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Mar 8 2014

Called to Love

Christine Uwase sharing her porridge with the family

In this chapel message, Mark Yeadon, Senior Vice President of International Program, unpacks the meaning of Christlike love and how we can learn to love the way Jesus commanded.

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importance of letter writing

My head drops and I feel the tears clog my throat. My friends are all around me, buzzing with excitement and comparing letters. The rest of us who didn’t get a letter get quiet and walk away.

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