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It’s Not Too Early for Christmas

paper christmas crafts I’m a Christmas fanatic. My husband learned early on in our marriage to keep his thoughts to himself when I blast the Christmas music and start decorating the day after Halloween each year. I can’t help it. I LOVE Christmas.

I know it may seem a little early, but now is actually the perfect time to get your Christmas gifts and letters in the mail to your sponsored child.

Since it can take two to three months for them to reach your child, you’ll want to make sure your Christmas goodies [3] are mailed to Compassion by October 31, 2012. You’ll also want to make sure that your donations to the Christmas Gift Fund [4] are in by the date as well.

If you’re not quite in the Christmas spirit yet, here are some crafts ideas for items you can send to your child.

A paper ornament (minus the ribbon)

A paper snowflake

Christmas envelopes

A paper wreath

Scripture (printable)

What fun, paper Christmas craft ideas do you have to share?