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What Is Your Passion in Life?

Passion in life What fuels the passions burning inside of each of us? Mine stir up when I see images or hear stories of children in East Africa.

Four years ago, a life-changing documentary ignited a fire in my heart that’s been gathering fuel ever since. This “Invisible Children” documentary follows the journey of child soldiers in northern Uganda, an area where we have child development centers close by.

I sponsor a beautiful child in Uganda named Emmanuel, and children Emmanuel’s age are at risk. Partnering with nonprofits like Compassion and Invisible Children, I try to use every sphere of influence I have to tell the story of the children in Uganda. The children who are pulled from their beds at night to join the rebel army. The children who are forced to shoot their parents and family members in order to survive. The children who are forced to fight a war older than they are.

But I – we – must do more than watch a documentary or read an article and think about it. My best friend says, “Words without actions mean nothing.”

So I ask you: What is your passion in life? And how can you fan the flames of that passion?

My guess is that if you’re reading this, you’re passionate about children … or poverty, which is why we love you. And that’s why you’re making a difference in the lives of little ones around the world, including ones in Uganda.

But I wonder: Can you take it a step further?

Maybe as you’re reading this, you’re thinking … “I need to . . . .”

What exactly is it that you’re thinking? :-)

Don’t hesitate. Do it!

Jesus is remembered for extravagant love. What do you want people to remember you by?

If I were to die tomorrow, I would want everyone to remember that I loved Africa deeply. That my heart burned for a land so far away, yet so close that it haunted my dreams and stirred in me something I never dreamed possible. That I fell deeply in love with a group of children who were forced to kill in a rebel army.

And mostly, I would want people to keep fighting so that someday, those children will be free – and the children we serve at Compassion are released from poverty.

During my recent trip to East Africa, a leadership development student said to me, “We hear your prayers and we want you to know … we are not asleep. We are awake.”

He reminded me that through your support, more than 1 million children across the world have come alive and been released from poverty. How will you and your passion come alive today?