What Does Peru Look Like?

pictures of peru We weaved in and out of Lima, Peru this week dusting ourselves off. Throwing off little pieces of dust with each flick of the wrist. I was throwing off my flesh too. It sticks too close. Enslaving my mind to selfish thoughts, and back home errands, and dull desires.

We also reached out. Grabbing eagerly for each story, every memory, all the smiles and tucking it in our hearts.

“Sit in here”

I said to the memories.

“Don’t move. Please don’t let me forget.”

We have been stuffing ourselves full like Thanksgiving came early.

We went back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

We promised each child, student, and mother that we would prepare a feast back home too.

This week Thanksgiving did come early. And, in case you missed it, we’ve captured it all for you here.

And it case you wanted to see it, I’d like to show you what Peru looks like.

Peru looks like shantytowns spanning as far as the eye can see. Homes confusing the gravel as they steadily stake their claim.

pictures of peru

Peru looks like pathways carpeted with dirt and rocks and little footprints.

pictures of peru

Peru looks like ducks and dogs and cats filling the streets. Coming and going, Citizens through and through.

pictures of peru

Peru looks like little faces peering out windows, making you check your step, your hurried pace, with their steady gaze.

pictures of peru

Peru looks like her.

pictures of peru

Prepared for the rain in her little pink boots. In a dry Peru were it never rains. Faithful. Waiting.

Peru looks like women gathering their time, picking up their feet and forming hopeful strides. Arriving at the local church, wearing smiles that will ease the weariness of little souls. Volunteering their time so a child in poverty can eat, and study, and know Jesus, and thrive.

pictures of peru

Peru looks like little boys, just like him.

pictures of peru

So few years on this earth and already he’s blazing this world with just a look. Ready to be poured into. Prayed over. Loved on. Brought to the feet of his Savior.

Peru looks like my Thanksgiving.

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  1. Sally Magallanes November 17, 2012

    Yes, this is what most of the outskirts of Lima are like and other very poor areas. But Peru also has over 230 child development centers and child survival programs that are places of hope, help and love. Compassion makes a difference! Why not post some of these photos, too? Or a church filled with people praising God?

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