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A Pocket Full of Pay

pocket-full-of-money I reached into the closet and pulled out a pair of slacks to wear to work. I slipped each leg in, zipped and buttoned up, and then, instinctively, stuck my hands in the pockets. I was surprised when I felt something in the front right pocket. I knew instantly it was cash. And I could tell it was more than one bill.

Was it $20?



I pulled three folded bills out of my pocket. I filed through each one.

All three of them singles.

Three bucks.

I have to admit, there was a moment of disappointment. I mean, even though I was excited that I found money in my pocket, wouldn’t it have been nice if it was more?

Then I’m reminded that over 1 billion people on this planet will work all day today and not get paid what I just found in my pocket.

Even the father of the girl I sponsor won’t make $3 today, after putting in eight hours of hard, sweaty construction work. That is, if he can find work in Manila today.

I can’t imagine misplacing a full day’s pay and not tearing up the house to find it. I can’t imagine digging into my pocket and finding an entire day’s wages. But that’s exactly what I did, in the eyes of a billion people.

Three bucks. It’s amazing how important that becomes, with a little perspective.