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What is the Most Interesting Thing Your Sponsor Has Told You?

positive words for kids You will often hear us mention the importance of writing letters [3] to your sponsored child. That is because your letters have proven, over and over again, to be a precious gift [4] to those receiving them.

The things you share in your letters may sometimes feel like everyday news to you, but the truth is, your words encourage, motivate and provide tangible evidence to a child living in poverty that he or she is loved.

Recently we asked a group of children in Togo this question,

What is the most interesting thing your sponsor has written and told you?

Here are some of their answers…

He told me he has twins, and they are beautiful like me. ~Karisse, Age 12

Everytime my sponsor writes to me, he always asks after my family. ~Gloria, Age 8

My sponsors told me I am very beautiful and they love me. They also said that they are happy to be my sponsors. ~Clarisse, Age 10

Clarisse, Age 10

She informed me that she was about to have a newborn and the baby will be my friend. ~Jean Jacques, Age 11

My sponsor told me that he loves me. He also asked me to keep on praying for him and his family. ~Woevi, Age 10

She says it’s cold in their country. In hot weather, they swim to avoid the heat. ~Alice, Age 9

Alice, Age 9

She told me she is an athlete. She asked me to love my neighbours because God loves those who love others. ~Woetsa, Age 10

My sponsor told me that I am handsome and I am her best friend. ~Jacques, Age 8

My sponsor said he has three children and all of them love me. I am glad that I have friends abroad. ~Godwin, Age 8

Godwin, Age 8

She loves my designs so I want to do better when I write to her. ~Medard, Age 11

Medard, Age 11 (center)

My sponsor told me that it snows before every Christmas, every house is white and the flowers change color. The Christmas is called “White Christmas.” ~Kaleb, Age 9

She said I’m intelligent, my drawings in the letters are very beautiful and I have a bright future. ~Tonton, Age 10

Question and answers compiled by Field Communications Specialist, Bernard Gbagba