Poverty, Wealth, and Unity

wealth and poverty When it comes to poverty and wealth, everybody needs faith.

To the poor who believe in Christ, faith means trusting that whatever they lack today — a meal, rent, clothing — God will provide.

But what about those who are rich? Our prayers aren’t for a meal. We have an apartment or a home. Our children don’t worry about having clean clothes or even the “right” clothes to wear to school.

Our concern is about losing what we have accumulated. So the rich need to trust God to let go of what they have.

Neither task is easy. Both demand faith — even for those with more. Consider the rich young man who wanted to know Jesus but walked away when he realized there were financial ramifications.

He couldn’t let go.

Our ministry is bringing these opposites together. We stand in the middle of the wealthy and the poor. We build the faith of the poor by loving and discipling their children.

We build the faith of the rich by engaging their hearts beyond their own personal concerns.

In the process, the pronouns change. It is no longer “us and them.” It is “we.” We — the rich and poor in the Church — are in this together.

Will that have impact? Jesus summed it up well. When the Church has unity, He said, “the world will know that you sent me.”

Unity goes beyond warm feelings and cooperation. Strengthening the faith of the rich and the poor alike builds the very reputation of Jesus in the world.

I in them and you in me — so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me. —John 17:23, NIV

Prayer: Heavenly Father, empower us at Compassion to be used to build faith on both sides of Your world. Use us to encourage the trust of those in need. To build the courage of those who have. And will You unite the two, so that the world would be amazed at who Jesus is.

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