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Pray for the Philippines

pray for the philippines The following is an email sent to many Compassion employees yesterday by Menchit Wong, our child advocacy director. It contains prayer requests for our Philippines brothers and sisters in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

Dear Friends and Spiritual Family from around the world,

Thank you for your messages, prayers and concern for our current situation in the Philippines. As you know, a super typhoon named Haiyan ravaged the provinces in the central part of our archipelago last Friday. These cities are a plane ride away from Manila, so those of us living in the capital city are safe.

Before the typhoon struck, Christians were praying that the Lord would change the typhoon’s course. As it was however, fierce winds and tsunami-like waves totally whipped these provinces, killing an estimated 10,000 helpless victims. Warnings and preparations for evacuation and relief work were no match for the winds and rain. Many cities now look like no man’s land.

But our Lord is sovereign over all; He never fails us and we believe that as a nation, this is an opportunity to show our spirit of unity, deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and demonstrate our selfless giving.

pray for the philippines

We have not seen in our history such a generous outpouring of aid and supplies from within the country (through the private sector), and from countries around the world. Everywhere, we see people wanting to help out and give their support.

Please pray with us through the weeks and months ahead of relief, rescue and rehabilitation work, on behalf of the millions of Filipinos who are helpless victims of this tragedy.

These are our specific prayer requests:

With sincerest thanks,

Menchit Wong

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