My Best Day in Ministry: Praying for God’s Purpose

God's purpose Joseph Mayala is the Compassion Tanzania Country Director. He shares about his best day in ministry, a day the Lord spoke to him.

“I have given you a gift of praying that God’s purpose will be realized…”


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  1. Jadon D kuyokwa August 19, 2011

    May the Lord God bless you for your Ministry, Real from the first day when I saw you(It was 25 December 2010 Calvary temple Arusha Tanzania).The massage you gave us, It was inspiring and encouraging massage from above….May the Lord God continue using you.Also for this powerful testimony ‘Praying for Go’s purpose’. I‘ve got a time to listen, Let the power of God be with you in your ministry

  2. Jane Gillis June 1, 2010

    Joseph, I am praying for Tanzania and have two children that I sponsor in your country. It is with great excitement and joy that I look forward to meeting you and your staff in July. God has given you a great gift and I praise God for the 100 children that now know Jesus because of the power of God witnessed by you in releasing the worship leader from demon possession. Never stop praying, God has even more that He is going to accomplish through the work of Compassion.

  3. stevenbenjamin November 24, 2009

    dear pastor, kindly uphold my daddy(Benjamin) in your loving prayers. He is very ill & sick at the moment. Please pray for him Because he is having diabetes& both his kidneys are weak. Please dear brother sisters uphold him in your fervent prayers. This is very important & urgent request from me. THANK YOU & SHALOM.

  4. Mike Stephens September 3, 2009

    I just must add I like Compassion b/c they seek to do the impossible and the impossible that they are doing is trusting God in a sinful world. Also visiting your sponsor kids seems impossible even though I have done it…twice!!!!!!!! Maybe I should visit a few more times maybe after 7 or 8 times it won’t seem so impossible!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris Giovagnoni September 3, 2009

    @Vicki Small – At the beginning of 2009

  6. Juli Jarvis September 3, 2009

    Wow — powerful statements and much to think about–

  7. Vicki Small September 3, 2009

    I haven’t actually been able to listen to this, yet, because someone is sleeping in the next room. But I have a question: When did Dr. Mbennah step down as country director? I liked him so much!

  8. Mike Stephens September 3, 2009

    If I go to Tanzania next year I will get to meet Him hopefully!

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