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Good and Pleasant

psalms 133 “Good and pleasant” can be defined as what is not hard or stiff, not rough or coarse, producing agreeable sensations, agreeable to touch, to the eye, gentle, melodious, balmy, flowery, compassionate.

Our relationships should be defined this way. We must display a friendly, welcoming spirit so that those around us don’t want to quit, and those who watching us from the outside are willing to jump in.

Let us compare it to a family’s soft sofa. The kids will always be fighting to laze in it!

Is it good and pleasant for Compassion employees, whatever office they belong to, to be together for eight hours a day? It should be, because we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Logically then, everybody around us would want to come and join our team. Our way of living together and treating each other must arouse envy.

How do we achieve that? It starts personally.

Each one of us must desire a deep change in the way we live. It is up to every single member of this family to make our offices the best place to be.

Don’t think about your grumpy supervisor or your stubborn subordinate; think about yourself! What can you do to change your office atmosphere?

It is in the interest of everyone, because Psalm 133 ends this way: “For there the LORD bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.”

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! —Psalm 133:1, NIV

Prayer: Lord, strengthen our desire to make our environment a good and pleasant place.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Phoebe Lankoande works as a Project Facilitator for Compassion Burkina Faso.

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