Reflections of a Compassion Traveller – Day Two

Reflections So! Did you enjoy day one of Mel’s video journal? If you haven’t already posted a comment, please do–we’d be so encouraged to hear from you!

Now, in putting together day two of the video journal we encountered some obstacles. Alas! We almost weren’t able to show it to you! But anyway … God is good. We’ve salvaged what we could. And the stories can still come alive, to some extent. 😉

Mel will explain the situation to you from the bottom of her heart:  🙂

“While in India, we met some pretty amazing children — and Compassion staff for that matter. We heard some impressive stories, plenty that had the tears flowing (it’s a weird thing to cry in front of your colleagues — not the sort of thing we’ve done in previous jobs!).

“Anyway, back to the stories … it’s so sad that we cannot share them with you, but there is good reason.

“Last year in this part of the world, religious violence flared to a tragic point where innocent civilians died and our own Compassion-assisted children were caught up in it; some witnessing things they should never have seen.

“Christians around the world face persecution every day. Persecution that we in Australia and the U.S. (and many other places too — you are just our main readers of this blog!) could never imagine — even in our nightmares.

“We closed some of our child development centres for a time (it’s always the kids who suffer from our decisions, isn’t it?) and requested police protection when a Hindu leader died (they worried about retaliation towards them).

“And while things have settled down and our centres are back open again, there’s still the potential for more trouble.

“Our wings have been clipped, and it shows in this video blog, which we edited at the eleventh hour to take out one of the most beautiful stories of a little girl that you could ever hear, to ensure it wouldn’t cause any trouble abroad.

“And of course, that’s the last thing we want to do, stop the life-changing work of Compassion so we could tell you one more story.

“Check out this great quote from Mark Hanlon, Senior Vice President for Compassion International’s USA Group, in response to the violence last year: ‘Compassion’s greatest tool in the fight against poverty and its effects is an active, educated and engaged church that seeks to partner with us to change the lives of children and families. When the church is moved to action, the enormity of its power is felt throughout the world and that power is desperately needed right now for the children of India.’

“We couldn’t agree more, and they still need it.

“If only we could tell you the stories, you’d be encouraged and so would we. But let your imaginations run wild, we beg you, because in these desperate places, a light is shining — brightly.”

And now it’s time for take two!

Mel Carswell in India — Day Two

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  1. David Zammit March 29, 2009

    Mel, Thanks for introducing us to your new friends and how Jesus is alive and well and still healing hearts. Whenever good news is proclaimed to the poor, the very heart of Jesus must rejoice! Thank you!

  2. Hannah March 24, 2009

    WOW! You really made it come alive for someone such as myself who has never been overseas or seen anything close to this! It really puts a “face” on what’s going on! Can’t wait for more – it is so touching!

  3. Amy March 24, 2009

    I sometimes thinks as lepersy as an “ancient” disease that only occured in bible times, but it definitely is still very real today.

    I also love the quote about healing their hearts.

  4. Juli Jarvis March 24, 2009

    Really great comments — thank you Irene & Mel! I didn’t realize we had a project in the leprosy colonies. That is so special; I’m glad to have seen this much at least. Please keep the stories coming as you can!

  5. Mike Stephens March 24, 2009

    Thanks for sharing Mel!!! I love watching the videos. I hope to take a bunch of my own on the Philippines Sponsor Tour in June!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  6. Britt March 24, 2009

    “Healing their hearts” I love that! I think that’s going to stay with me too 🙂

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