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Help Us Rescue Babies in Haiti

rescue babies Four million babies die each year in the first month of life. Half of these babies die in the first 24 hours of life. And in the aftermath of last month’s earthquake in Haiti, the risks for babies and toddlers throughout the country have increased.

As the government focuses on the immediate and critical needs facing the country, please help us help Haiti. Help us rescue babies and toddlers from these startling infant mortality statistics, statistics that don’t care about the recent crisis in Port-au-Prince … because they are a crisis of their own.

Help us rescue babies and toddlers by supporting a Child Survival Program in Vertieres, L’Estere, Cap-Haitien or Fauche.*

Your support of $20 a month provides at-risk babies and toddlers:

And it provides mothers and caregivers:

As always, our local church partners carry out our ministry, and in the case of the Child Survival Program, they contextualize the program to each situation individually.

Our church partners provide the critical interventions and build the open and trusting relationships with the mothers and caregivers that are critical to our success. Survival Specialists from the churches visit homes and educate mothers in their own environment. There, the actual needs of the baby, mother, family and community are known, seen and met accordingly.

Support a Child Survival Program in Haiti.

* Each of these Child Survival Programs are associated with child development centers in the north of Haiti, which was not directly affected by the earthquake.

Learn more about our Child Survival Program at rescuebabiesnow.org [3] and through these blog posts: Child Survival 101 [4] and Child Survival: The Motive Behind Our Effort [5].