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A Day in the Life of a Child Development Center Worker

selvie Selvie, a 41-year-old single parent, has been serving as the coordinator of Elohim Child Development Center for almost two years now.

During her first year at the center, Selvie had been facing obstacles, which came from both her own family and the community around the center.

She had to take care of her two children and her new enlarged family. Her husband had left her after 16 years and left her in anguish. She moved back to her parents’ house, where her two siblings along with their families had just moved in, too.

The community doubted whether Selvie would be able to manage the ministry. They thought it was her fault that her family had been broken.

Surrendering to God’s will is what Selvie has been doing as well as raising her children. She has two children; the oldest, Indriani Natalia, graduated from college few months ago and the youngest, Aldo Aprillio Samuel, is in fifth grade now.

Selvie has been spending up to 12 hours a day for the ministry since appointed to be the center coordinator. Her daily activities are more or less the same:

Spend a day with Selvie

Each day is a tiring day. Nevertheless, like Jesus, Selvie does not complain about how tired she is. It is in the ministry and from children that she finds encouragement and a daily lesson for becoming like Jesus.

“For me, a true leader is the one who serves others, just like Jesus to His disciples. If you just command and ask your staff to do this and that but you don’t really do what you’ve said, you are not a good leader.”

In spite of all her activities, Selvie still makes time to prepare breakfast for Aldo, who goes to school at seven in the morning. She also utilizes her time to have a chat with both of her children when she gets home in the evening because she realizes that she is the only parent they have right now. She has never passed a day without spending time with them.