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The Words We Carry

send Christmas cards Passport. Check.
Warm clothes and toothbrush. Check.
Plane tickets to Ecuador. Check.
Cards for unsponsored children. Check. Thanks to you.

I know my trip to Ecuador to deliver your Christmas cards [3] is still about two weeks away, but I like to make sure I am prepared, over and over and over again.

We (I and the people over at DaySpring) are hard pressed to express how honored, grateful and humbled we are to carry your words to children who know poverty — to carry your words to children of God.

Because of you we have been able to witness the goodness of God as you have responded by creating hundreds of cards for unsponsored children.

The boxes of cards we carry are not just cards. The cards we carry have your words and words bring life.

Your words are not just printed ink on paper. When I think of the cards I see a weapon that will be used by God. I see hundreds of hammers, in the shape of letters, shattering the lies of poverty. I see the grip of discouragement falling away from the children Jesus watches over.

I cannot stop dreaming about what God will do with your words. I cannot stop believing Him to bring hope where there is darkness.

So, in case I have not made my point yet, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for taking this season to bless an unsponsored child. You may think your words are simple. Maybe when you were creating your card you did not know exactly what to write, but we know these cards will bring light because we carry these words for God.

Now, would you like a peek into the travel itinerary? I have that for you! Well, I have the preliminary travel itinerary. God has the real one. He probably won’t unveil that until we are in Ecuador! But don’t worry — it is my hope to keep you updated along the way!

I am traveling to Ecuador on Dec. 11 with two wonderful ladies from DaySpring. Then, December 12 – 15, we’ll be visiting three child development centers, and with us will come your words.

The centers we intend to visit are:

I know that these are only center names and numbers, but each of these centers holds the faces of such beautiful children, with intricate stories and struggles we cannot imagine. I am excited and hopeful to report back to you with pictures and stories.

Oh, and if you have not had a chance to create a Christmas card for an unsponsored child [4] yet, you still have the rest of this weekend.