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11 Tips to Effectively Speak on Behalf of Children in Poverty

Shaun Groves These tips come courtesy of Shaun Groves, learned from his personal experience as a speaker on behalf of children in poverty [3], figuring out what works and what doesn’t … usually.

They are relevant whether you’re speaking in front of a crowd of thousands or to one person in an elevator.

They are as true for persuading people via Twitter, blogs or Facebook as they are for concerts and festivals.

They will help you effectively speak up on behalf of children in need [4] and our holistic Christian approach to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

  1. Tell us a story. The best arguments and the greatest passion in the world are forgotten sooner than a story. Every bit of advice here can be carried out in a story.
  2. Don’t lie. Exaggerating is lying.
  3. Why do you care? You’re not in it for the money, right? No, you saw something, felt something, learned something once that changed your heart and mind. You were captivated, fell in love, got angry. Tell us a story that shows us why you care and we’ll probably care, too.

Read Shaun’s entire list. [5]