Strive for excellence What is excellence? Excellence is answering God’s call to the best of our abilities with the gifts and resources He has given us. It is carrying out God’s work with an attitude of enjoyment.

Excellence is exceeding the expectations of the world and striving to meet God’s standards. Excellence honors God.

To be excellent one must be grounded in Christ, as He is the source of all strength.

At Compassion, we desire to imitate God in all we do, and as a result we commit to excellence so that we may carry out our mission in a way that honors Him.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” – Colossians 3:23 (NIV)

Listen to Dawn Williams, Vice President of Finance, talk about the importance of striving for excellence.


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  1. Amy Wallace
    Jun 20, 2009
    at 5:16 am

    Well, I think Compassion is doing a very, very good job of honouring God.

  2. Jun 20, 2009
    at 9:45 am

    I like th KJV translation which simply uses the term ‘heartily’ which in the Greek means with (or from) the very soul of a person. It comes on the heels of the verse which Paul talks about what it means to be a bondservant; i.e. giving ourselves over in obedience completely to the Lord. Our motivation therefore is not (or should not be) excellence, but obedience, the fruit of which is excellence.

    It might seem like a minor point, but it isn’t. Yes, we all want to attain a variety of godly attributes, but they need to come as the result of endeavoring towards obedience to and in Christ Jesus. When we put the attribute before the Source, we open the door for the flesh to step in and soil the effort. I say if we are to heartily strive, it must be towards obedience.

  3. Mike Stephens
    Jun 20, 2009
    at 7:13 pm

    I agree Amy!!!!!!! One way I believe excellence for me as a sponsor is to visit all the kids I sponsor once while they are young and once while they are older. So far I am 5/7 with a trip to Tanzania and Peru hopefully in the near future!!!!!!! I just wanted to add as I am listening to “Joyful Noise” by Lecrae that our names are indeed written in the Book of Life so b/c of that TRUTH we have the FREEDOM and POWER and STRENGTH and ENCOURAGEMENT to live as God intends us to in obedience, joy, and VICTORY!!!!!!! That is why I like Compassion b/c they are taking that message wherever they are. I know the Gospel message of Jesus being God and dying for my sins and the entire world is the only thing that is going to make a difference in the life of the kids I sponsor. My visits, CASH gifts, and prayers are extra and a result of the Gospel message.

  4. Jun 21, 2009
    at 4:30 pm

    Really enjoyed this post on excellence. Thanks for sharing.

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