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Neurotic Sponsor Tour Stuff

Talk to someone who has been on a Compassion sponsor tour and you’ll hear all about stuff like this,

On my sponsor tour … [3]

and stuff like this,

Should I visit my sponsored child? [4]

But you won’t hear about this – the Customs Declaration form.

Not once did I read a blog post from Uganda [5] about this thing. And boy howdy is this form painful.

Name, country of birth, nationality. Easy.

Main Destination in Mexico? Uh … do I put the hotel address or just the city? Which hotel the one I’m staying at for two days or the one I’m staying at for three days?

City? No problem, if it’s seven letters or less. So Colorado Springs becomes C-o-l-o-r-a-d. Nice.

Passport number. I have nine digits but 10 spaces. Is that normal? Did I do something wrong?

Do I need to fill out the stuff below the perforation? It’s the same as the stuff above the perforation. Why is the form perforated? What happens if I accidentally detach the two perforated parts from one another? Does one part then have to pay perforation support to the other?

And how do I answer this question?

“Are you carrying: live animals, food products of animal or vegetable origin, plants, flowers, fruits; chemical, pharmaceutical or biological products of agricultural use?”

Yes or no.

What’s the intent behind that question? Do they want to know about my airline peanuts? Is a nut just a nut or is it also a fruit? A vegetable maybe?

What about my energy bar? It’s technically food, and it’s definitely a food product, but do they want to know all about my packaged food products or just if I’m bringing in fresh stuff.

I know this isn’t stuff you really expected to hear about. It doesn’t bring you any closer to your sponsored child, but it’s all the stuff that we’ve done so far.

Other than eating at Pappadeux in the Houston airport, taking a few pictures while we waited for our delayed flight [6] and getting poked in the nipple by a flight attendant because I didn’t turn my cell phone off quickly enough.

I told you I’d bring you along [7]. Hope you like the “traveling face” of a sponsor tour.