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It’s here! The official Compassion International browser toolbar.

And this matters to you because the toolbar will help you stay connected with your sponsored child and our ministry much more easily.

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Feb 9 2009

Today Is My Birthday

Yesterday was our birthday, and “Today Is My Birthday” … so says our newest widget.
The “Today Is My Birthday” featured child widget is now available for you to use on your blog or MySpace profile. It’s not available for Facebook, but we do have a featured child widget you can use there.
The “Today Is My…

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“CompassionArt is a charity that joins the dots between art and poverty. It raises money to help breathe life into the poorest communities, restoring hope and igniting justice.” –
Compassion U.K. is one of 12 charities receiving royalties from the album sales.
The widget below has lots of details on the CompassionArtproject, as well as…

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Even though the Compassion Bloggers trip ends today, you can still advocate on behalf of children in the Dominican Republic.
Add these banners to your blog, if you haven’t already grabbed them from somewhere else; your readers will be instantly transported to a place where they can choose to sponsor a child from the…

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Oct 16 2008


Today probably seems like a normal mid-week day. A lot like the other workdays, school days . . . everything happening too quickly kind of days. But today is also World Food Day as recognized by UNICEF. And today more than 300 million children will go to bed hungry.
Under the burden of the global…

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Sep 18 2008

Promote Our Blog Widgets

Uh, yeah. Hi. How ya doing?
Umm…oh, this is so hard. It’s kind of embarrassing.
We have a friend, who has a blog and all, and we were wondering…uh, he was wondering if you’d be interested and willing to promote our his blog on your site.
We He made some blog candy for you to…

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Apr 25 2008

Sponsor a Child

Here’s some marketing rah-rah for ya. Well … it’s not really rah-rah, but it IS marketing pure and simple.
This is our newest toy, and we’re really excited about how it can help get more children sponsored. Hope you like, use it and share it.
One for Facebook …

Get the sponsor a child widget for Facebook.

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