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Apr 25 2013

Malaria Bites! Bite Back.

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What does malaria feel like? If malaria goes untreated, what can it lead to?

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I came home from Ghana with severe chills, headache and a fever. I’d been in Africa two weeks, and these symptoms alarmed me. Could I be infected with malaria?

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No matter how difficult their situation, children in Africa cope with immense suffering. Is this because it’s the only life they’ve known?

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Apr 25 2012

World Malaria Day 2012


As they toured a village in Uganda, they came upon a grave on a hillside of a man – a father, a husband, a friend, a son – prematurely taken from his family because of malaria. Malaria, a disease preventable with as little as a mosquito net and an elementary health education.

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The theme for World Malaria Day 2011 is “Achieving Progress and Impact.” It’s a time to celebrate the victories of the past couple of years, but also to stress the great needs in order to reach near-zero deaths by 2015.

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It starts with a mosquito bite. Then there’s an itch. And for us, it’s just an annoyance. But for children in poverty, the bite is just the beginning, and the itch isn’t the problem. The real problem is the malaria.

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Compassion has sponsorship booths at hundreds of events across the country, throughout the year. Some of those booths are at events specifically for teens. Working in the contact center, I sometimes speak with parents whose teen sponsored a child at one of these events.

The parents are often concerned that their teen will not be…

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May 1 2009

Reviving God’s Army

I have read various articles, columns and statistics on the state of Christendom in America, and the prognosis isn’t good. Christian commentators across the country are doing their best to encourage our churches to get back to the basics, but their pleas seem to fall on deaf ears.
But underneath the apparent complacency plaguing our…

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