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Are the needs of a man driving a Lexus the same as a man living across the globe who will never own a car? How about the needs of a family who can’t afford bread? How do their needs compare with broken families who eat in separate houses?

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Feb 6 2012

With One Resolve


Many of the acts of Jesus were never recorded, but the healing of the lame man is found in three of the four gospels.

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Chances are, you’ve noticed it. It’s found in the upper right-hand corner of Compassion’s brochures, child sponsorship packets, posters, promotional materials and letters from our sponsored children. For quite some time, that blue corner was a mystery to me.

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It’s Earth Day, so the message that we can care for the poor BY caring for the Earth is particularly relevant today.
Here’s some of what we’re doing at Compassion to care for the poor Earth and the dirt poor.
And here’s how we in the U.S. are caring.

Americans constitute 5% of the world’s population but consume…

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