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Dr. Masilamani

Life held nothing promising for Masilamani. Born in the south Indian village of Thirumanickam, he was the son of farmers.

The life of a farmer in India is difficult, and despite their hard labor, Masilamani’s family lived a life of extreme poverty.
In such a circumstance, Masilamani could not have dreamed of anything better than carrying plow…

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Anita Charles is a wife, mom, software engineer and advocate for our ministry. What is also amazing about Anita? She is a former sponsored child!

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There are many children living in violent and fearful communities. But God reminds us that we are placed here to help these children in such a time as this.

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The India communications manager wrote this short article about the recent sponsor tour to India for the country office’s internal newsletter. So we thought we’d share her perspective with you.

In the midst of turbulent economic times, political uncertainty and a global food crisis, 29 of our sponsors proceeded with their decision to come to…

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When I was in India last month, I met the boy I sponsor, Sarath. I had been hoping and praying to meet him, and I just happened to be taking a work trip to India.
I was a bit nervous. Don’t tell, but I’m not great with kids. I know I work at Compassion, but I’m a writer–more…

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Here at Compassion, I get to sit by a really cool guy named Sathy. Sathyaseelan Pannirselvam, that is. (One of my proudest moments was when I found out my last name is longer than his.)
Sathy is a native of Chennai, India, and has worked for Compassion for 10 years. He worked for Compassion India…

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