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One-to-one sponsorship helps children across the globe write off poverty and begin living a lives of hope. And it begins when someone picks up a child packet and makes the commitment to sponsor a child. That’s when our sponsorship notification process gets rolling.

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“They wonder why they don’t get a letter or a card. Of course we explain the situation to them and tell them it’s because they don’t have a sponsor, but that’s not enough for a child. This is something that makes unsponsored kids feel very sad and even discouraged.” — Yovi de Racines, Secretary of…

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Grab the last letter you received from your sponsored child and share the closing sentence with us.

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Jun 12 2009

Meet Jhumur Biswas

Compassion is serving its fifth year in Bangladesh. It is a remarkable journey that is bringing the children of Bangladesh into the glory of Lord Jesus. A constant team effort is needed to build up the children of Bangladesh and release them from all kinds of poverty in Jesus’ name.
Along with the other…

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More than four years have passed since Haminton (age 11) wrote, with the teacher’s help, the first letter to his sponsor. His relationship with his sponsor has grown over the years as both of them share their heart and experiences through their letters.

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Wow, you all had a lot of great questions for Sathy! It was hard to pick just 10, so I picked those that hadn’t come up before on this blog and that I know Sathy could offer special insight on.
1. Having lived in India and the U.S. and having seen poverty and abundance firsthand, how do you and…

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It amazes me how often God uses the “least of these” among us to teach us valuable life lessons. Having worked here for a little more than four months, I have already experienced this phenomenon many times, as the children we serve “speak” to me about things such as hope, faith, love and trust.
Last week,…

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