Rescuing the Future: Soundarya’s Story

In India, there are an estimated 15 million children serving as bonded laborers, many doing back-breaking work in rock quarries.

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Saddam {it’s more than a sponsorship}

Shauna Pilgreen, in the hospital for an unknown illness, can only think of one thing — her sponsored child Sadaam.

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The Compassion Child Sponsorship Program: What Does Research Show?

Over a period of two years, a team of researchers led by Dr. Bruce Wydick studied adults who were registered with the Compassion Child Sponsorship program from 1980-1992. What did the team discover?

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The Emerging Metrics of Doing Good

Despite conventional wisdom, the accurate headline is that investments to fight abject global poverty are showing incredible returns. While that’s good news in itself, the subhead indicates that we have a new ally in doing good: independent, empirically tested outcomes for charitable work.

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Hope Deferred

Do children waiting for a sponsor question their value based on whether they have a sponsor or not? Do they compare themselves to their sponsored friends and find themselves wanting?

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Does Compassion International Child Sponsorship Work?

Today, thanks to the research of Dr. Bruce Wydick, professor of economics and international studies at the University of San Francisco, there is research data showing how and why child sponsorship works through our program. And the results are very exciting!

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The Cost of Being a Sponsor

Our release cost the Father His only Son by the way of His broken, holy, sacrificed body. Release costs. It always costs.

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What Do We Do?

What do we do? The short answer is, we release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. But, how else do we explain what we do?

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Best Of: The Value of Family

From why sponsorship benefits a family living in the developing world, to an entire family embracing their sponsored child, the value of family is a theme you will often see woven into the stories we share. We took the liberty of choosing some of our best family related blog posts for you.

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Servant Leadership Lived Out

Our ministry in Bangladesh has been blessed by excellent managers who are contributing to the lives of marginalized children. Piyush is one of those making differences in the local community with his intelligence, talent, creativity and, most importantly, his heart for God and children.

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