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first christmas valerie

I was about 3 years old in my earliest Christmas memory. I had chickenpox, and because I was quarantined, my stepfather dressed as Santa to cheer me up. I don’t remember the gifts I got that year, but I remember feeling so special that Santa had made a house call to visit me. That memory…

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Sep 24 2014

4 Easy Ways to Give

easy ways to give christmas gift

There are simple ways you can make a difference in the life of a child who lives in poverty. In addition to sponsoring a child, here are four easy ways to give to Compassion that you might not have thought of!

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You have a few different options for sending a monetary gift. Each year, you can send $10 to $50 as a birthday gift, $10 to $50 as a general gift, and $25 to $1,000 as a family gift. You also have the option of donating any amount, we typically suggest $20, to the Christmas Gift…

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paper wreath pinterest

I know it may seem a little early, but now is actually the perfect time to get your Christmas gifts and letters in the mail to your sponsored child.

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The relational aspect of sponsorship is not just important in getting people to become sponsors. It is important throughout the sponsorship journey, because love is best shown in a relational context.

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Your generosity is not only a blessing this Christmas but all year long. Today, as you celebrate the birth of our Savior we hope you feel the depth of His love and gratitude — and ours — for the ways you have cared for these little ones around the world.

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Who gets those soccer balls you give through the Gifts of Compassion Christmas gift catalog? How does a soccer ball make an impact on a child in poverty?

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In the community Bonheur Ville (Town of Happiness), wonderful praise music could be heard. The Saksida Assemblies of God Church was jubilant because they were celebrating Christmas for the very first time.

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Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by the issue of poverty that it stifles your ability to act?

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Wind carries the sounds of songs and shouts of joy from the Hermon Baptist Church that can be heard from a block away. There is a celebration, a Christmas celebration for children of the Fe y Esperanza Student Center located in Managua, Nicaragua.

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One of the things my wife and I decided early on in our marriage was that we wanted Christmas to be about more than getting — we didn’t want wish lists to be the focus.

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Dec 14 2010

Delivering Hope


Sponsored children receive letters from their sponsors. Unsponsored children do not.

Andrea, one of the Compassion workers and our translator, told me that the only time there is a true distinction between a child who is unsponsored and a child who is sponsored is when letters are handed out. It’s a little bit like the unsponsored…

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I think the volunteers at this center, the facilitator, the pastor and the director understand the importance of eradication. I know they rely on God for the victory, but I think your faithfulness and your commitment to your sponsored children is running poverty out of the minds and hearts of these children.

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“They wonder why they don’t get a letter or a card. Of course we explain the situation to them and tell them it’s because they don’t have a sponsor, but that’s not enough for a child. This is something that makes unsponsored kids feel very sad and even discouraged.” — Yovi de Racines, Secretary of…

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Oct 8 2008

The Day Finally Came

Today’s post is written by Steve K., The Leopard at the Summit, member of the blog on child poverty hall of fame and latest addition to our SpotLINK focus on you, our readers.

The other day I received my first letter from my sponsored child — six-year-old Richar, from Peru! I picked up the mail late…

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Hey! I have new photos of Amisi. I was so blessed to meet him on my trip to Uganda last month.

He’s such an ambitious child! As soon as I gave him his new coloring book, he was on a serious mission to get every page colored.

I bought him some ice cream, but…

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