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Gertrude* has epilepsy. Her family initially rejoiced when she was born, but that soon changed. Three months after her birth, Gertrude started having epileptic seizures.

When her family realized her condition, they abandoned her and her mother because in their village, epilepsy is considered a curse.
In Adaboukope, Togo, where they live, nearly 80 percent of the…

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Jeff Arnold

Jeff Arnold is the eyes and ears for sponsors through video and photography. He travels to each country we work in to get stories of sponsored children.

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Jun 26 2011

Run Emilda!


Emilda’s first race at the Special Olympics Summer Games in Athens, Greece is today, June 26, at 1 a.m. MDT. Division competitions run until June 29. If Emilda wins in these, she qualifies to continue running for a chance to win medals.

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In 1994 I was 16.
I was in the midst of my self-absorbed teenage years – a time in my life when nothing seemed as important as what kind of clothes I was wearing, and my daily mood was dictated by whether my current crush had said “Hi” to me in the hallway between classes…

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I recently got back from India where I was with a team of people interviewing children and their families so we can share their stories and photos with you – Compassion sponsors.
At almost every home we visited, the families were so excited to receive us that they put together mini-feasts. At most homes we…

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