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Since he has experienced need, not only in his family but in the lives of other children, Ronnie takes advantage of opportunities to help others. One day, he would like to sponsor a child.

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“Honestly, I used to go to the center to get away from my house. I didn’t want to be at home because I always had to do something, and if I had free time my father always took me to work.” – Josue

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In the countryside of Bolivia, it’s normal to have your baby at home with the help of relatives or neighbors, rather than going to a hospital. But being only 6 months pregnant, 14-year old Marta wasn’t prepared. She had gone to the hut with her two younger brothers to put her family’s animals away, when…

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Hello again. I’m about to take a trip to Bolivia, where I can meet many of the children that I sponsor plus several others too. I’m so excited right now!! I’m stoked. I think I spelled that right.
On June 27, I’m taking off from the Orlando airport and flying into Miami, where I’ll have…

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