The Compassion Child Sponsorship Program: What Does Research Show?

Over a period of two years, a team of researchers led by Dr. Bruce Wydick studied adults who were registered with the Compassion Child Sponsorship program from 1980-1992. What did the team discover?

Launch of Compassion Scandinavia

In 2013, a global Compassion partner office was opened in Scandinavia. Compassion Scandinavia CEO Leif Ingvald Skaug shares his prayers and hopes for the future of Compassion in Scandinavia.

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How Do We Teach Creation Care to Combat Environmental Poverty?

With lower levels of resource use and a much shorter history of using them, the developing world’s impact on the environment is much less than its developed counterparts; yet it bears a much higher price for damage done.

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Isn’t 30 Years Enough to Learn How to Prevent Catastrophes Like the East African Drought?

The legacy of the 1980s lives on, for better or worse. The most disturbing aspect of this is the horrifying stories of African mothers walking for days through the desert to beg a handful of grain; of tinder-dry crops and emaciated cattle shrivelling under a merciless sun; of children dying for want of food as the world looks on through their big screen TVs

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The End of Starvation?

Since the FAST for FOOD campaign began, some of my colleagues who have been on a coffee fast mentioned coffee every day. But the important thing is this — they honored their commitment! Nevertheless, they eagerly counted down the days . . . I […]

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Receive a Free Bible When You Sponsor a Child From Togo

This is David. He was the first registered child in Togo. And this is his sister, Gracia. She was the second child registered by Compassion Togo. They don’t have sponsors yet. And neither do these Togolese children. If you: sponsor a child […]

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A Coffee Fast

A few of my colleagues here at Compassion Australia decided to give up coffee this month. Why? We are all participating in a month-long campaign called FAST for FOOD. If you drink at least a cup of coffee a day, the thought of fasting from coffee is […]

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Love in Action

Whoa, writing my last blog post (Getting 10,000 Children Sponsored in 10 Days) has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. One of my friends actually sponsored a child after reading the post. I’m ecstatic! It’s wonderful to know I’ve […]

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The Journey of One Letter

Have you ever wondered how your sponsored child’s letter gets to you? The long journey it takes from Tanzania or Thailand to Connecticut or California? There’s a lot more to it than you might think!

Samuel Llanes, Guatemala’s Field Communication Specialist, gives us a peek at the journey of one letter from Guatemala to a sponsor in Australia.

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