Fighting Famine with Innovation

Faced with 5 years of drought and famine, this Kamwaa Child Development Center in Kenya changed the future of the children and families in their community by looking to their natural resources and through our Complementary Intervention Program.

Sewing Out of Poverty

Complimentary Interventions help tackle the obstacles children and caregivers face who are enrolled in our programs. See how a free tailoring class is changing the futures of women and their children in Northeast India.

No More Fear

When Eyram did not take all of her medication, she had seizures. She lived in total fear.

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Loving a Child with Beta Thalassemia Major

Vita wakes up every day intending to paint something beautiful with her life. Some days, she doesn’t feel like she has all the right colors.

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What Are Complementary Interventions?

What are Complementary Interventions? How do Complementary Interventions help children living in the developing world?

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How Can Jewelry Making Provide Hope and an Education?

While we want every child to attain the highest possible level of formal education, not all children are meant to be academicians. This is why our staff in Ghana expose children to extracurricular activities that often lead to income-generating ventures.

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Investing in Community and Clean Water

The people of Nebaj live in a beautiful place, but it is very far from the city, and many times their needs are forgotten. Needs such as clean drinking water.

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Nutrition and the Potential in Children

The importance of nutrition is clear: Proper nutrition means better health, the ability for children to concentrate and learn in school, and the needed energy for people to work and earn an income.

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Ministry Insider: Jackie Nyaga, A Voice for Children in Poverty

Our field staff are some of the most remarkable people around! Jackie Nyaga is no exception.

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A New Home for Emile

Emile faces great challenges in life. He lives in a hut, in the heart of the bush, far from the nearest village. His room has palm branch walls and a straw roof, which leaks during rainy season.

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